new patients welcome San Diego, CA
New patients can call UCSD at 858-657-8322 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kannan. The office will help you to find a suitable time and day for your appointment. If you are a new patient, make sure to come in 15 min early to fill out all the necessary paperwork.

Your First Visit:

When you arrive on the day of your appointment, you will check-in at the desk, and the staff members will help you to finish any necessary paperwork. After that, the nurses will obtain a brief medical history and discuss what your dermatology needs or concerns are. Finally, you’ll sit down with Dr. Swati Kannan to begin discussing how she can help you optimize your skin health.

Dr. Kannan strongly believes that the key to better healthcare is a good patient-doctor relationship, which is why she aims to make you as comfortable as possible during your appointment. She likes to spend time addressing your concerns, but it is tough to customize regimens for multiple skincare concerns without causing confusion. So if you have multiple concerns, she may ask you to pick the top two issues to address, and additional concerns can be handled over follow-up appointments.

Make an appointment with Dr. Kannan to start your journey towards your healthiest skin, hair and nails.